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At Cloud 9, we make snow ice with the highest quality ingredients, real fruit, and no added preservatives. We offer a healthy, low calorie, low fat dessert that you can enjoy everyday!

We try to bring you new and exciting flavors each month!

This month’s flavors at Cloud 9 are:

  • Original snow
  • Mango snow
  • Strawberry snow
  • Chocolate snow

These flavors can be combined with sauces and toppings for your own unique creation. All of our fruit sauces are simply pureed fruit, for a natural and healthy addition to any snow ice.


Sunday 12pm-9pm
Monday 1pm-9pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 1pm-9pm
Thursday 1pm-9pm
Friday 1pm-10pm
Saturday 12pm-10pm

We're Easy to Find

604 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL 60657